How to Choose the Best CBD Brands

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CBD products are largely used nowadays and this has made the industry grow. This means that there are brands that are not genuine. It’s not easy to differentiate the best cbd brands from mediocre ones. However, there are ways to choose the best CBD brands.

Check the Amount of THC

cbd seedsA high-quality CBD brand should have less THC, which is the chemical that produces psych activity in humans. CBD should offer many health benefits without making people high. A low amount of THC can also cause certain psychoactive effects when not processed correctly.

No matter how small percentage of THC there is in CBD, it might still have a high concentration when not processed using the right equipment since they are very costly. The general rule of thumb is that the amount of THC level present in any CBD product should not exceed more than 0.3 percent. As a consumer, it is important to always check the label or request the lab results for the CBD product before making a purchase.


Check for Third-Party Lab Results

A high-quality CBD brand should always make third-party lab results available for consumers. Some brands pass the lab tests while others do not meet the required quality standards. Third-party labs are independent labs that are there to test and confirm if the CBD brand has a low level of THC, a high level of CBD and doesn’t contain any impurities.
When checking the third-party lab results make sure that the brand has the recent results. A third-party lab testing provides unbiased and neutral information for users. Some brands have the lab results listed on their websites and others have them on the label. If you are experiencing trouble finding the lab results, ask the customer care agent.

Manufacturing Regulation and Process

There are no regulations that control the manufacturing process of CBD products. This has resulted in many brands using different methods of extraction and processing. The companies that sell their products at lower prices usually use cheap processing methods. A good brand will use a method that is not harmful to humans.

The production methods can be found on the CBD brand’s website or you can talk to a customer care representative. You can also research the production method of different CBD products. For CBD oils go after the oils that are processed through ethanol or carbon dioxide extraction.

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Source of the CBD

A good source of CBD provides high-quality products. The hemp plant is a hyperaccumulator which means it can absorb anything in the soil. A hemp plant grown in rich soil will produce high-quality products. A hemp plant that was cultivated in a land rich in heavy metals like mercury and lead will result in the plant absorbing the metals making it harmful for humans.

Some bad manufacturers will choose to buy cheap CBD cultivated in compromised land just to make profits and don’t care about their consumer’s health. CBD products sourced from the US are high quality because the farmers must be certified by the state department of agriculture.