How Much CBD Should I Take?

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Over the years, researchers have not yet found any specific answer to this particular question. But still, the delivery method is playing a key role in determining the right dosage. Every delivery method has a unique potential for absorption in your body.

Before determining your dosage, you need to know the exact quantity you are getting first. Normally it is expressed in (mg) milligrams. With this in place, you can now experiment with lower or slightly higher potencies until you can find what can work for you.

CBD Vape Juice

cbd oil dosingVaping is the most effective delivery method. You can inhale CBD in different ways. The most commonly known are oil cartridge and vape juice. First, ensure you have a CBD product that is designed for vaping. You should also ensure that tinctures are made for oral use. Normally, they come in similar styles and labels. Just like the rest, you might be wondering about the quantity of CBD in each puff. Well, this depends on the vaping style and the cumulative potency of CBD available in the vape juice.

Determine Potency of CBD Oil

First, know the potency of your CBD vape juice, which is normally labeled in mg on the bottle, and the bottle’s size in terms of ml. Then, divide the total amount in mg by the ml amount to know the strength in mg in each ml.

Normally, vape tanks hold 0.5ml-5 ml depending on the style and size of the tank. For instance, if you have a 40ml bottle of CBD vape juice, each containing 1000mg. You can divide 1000 by 40, which is 25. Meaning each bottle has 25mg. If you put it in a 1ml vape tank, it will tell you are having 25mg of CBD in it. With this, you can know how much CBD you have taken each time you are through with a tank. By this, you can tell your ideal dose of CBD vaping.

CBD Concentrates and Flower

dosing of cbdFor concentrates, dosing is not all about cutting and drying, but you can still work it out. We all know that if you convert 1gram into mg, you will get 1000mg. Concentrates are always labeled in the total amount of grams, which can be expressed in percentage. For example, if 1000mg, which is 1g of concentrate, contains 40% CBD which is 400mg, then each 0.1 g will contain 40 mg. If you have a CBD flower with 30% concentration, it means each gram will contain 300mg of CBD. You can also visit the lab so that you can confirm these figures.